Look. At. Me.

Designing a galvanizing exhibition of world-class art to create... 

national moment within which we learn to embrace the presence of  people with disabilities.

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The Look. At. Me. Project is a registered 501(c)3.  All gifts are tax deductible.    


Company Profile

We've heard it

since childhood.​ 

It's a well-intentioned


but not a wise one.

We need to look.  

Not for the

benefit of the person

with the disability.   

For our own.

​​It's a welcome revelation that

only takes 

​a moment...

not long...

to learn a simple, 

liberating truth.

We call it...​.

Look. At. Me. ​​​

The Look. At. Me. Project
Washington , DC 20015​

Dr. Elizabeth McClancy, Project Director​
Email us at info@lookatmeproject.org
Find us on the Web at www.lookatmeproject.org

The Look. At. Me. Project, Inc. is a registered  nonprofit 501(c)(3).  All gifts are 100% tax deductible.​
EIN#  46-3904070.

Look At. Me.

L. A. M. Advisory Board

Mark Bradford, President, Jérôme Lejeune Foundation, USA,

John Cook, representing L'Arche Internationale | L'Arche USA

Katherine Beh Neas, Vice President, Government Relations, Easter Seals, Inc.

Robert Rahway Zakanitch,

Artist and Humanitarian

Peter Frank, Art Historian; Art Critic, Huffington Post; Associate Editor for Fabrik magazine

Stephen Kuusisto, activist & award winning author,   Planet of the Blind

Mark Perriello, former President & CEO, American Association of People with Disabilities 

Msgr. John Enzler, President & CEO, Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Washington, DC

​​Shhhhhh...  Don't  stare, dear!