Look. At. Me.

Still to be selected.

Sound Sculpture

Three artists responses to the same seven people with disabilities.


"Wappen Field"  Michelle Jaffé, 2012.

Michelle Jaffé creates sculpture, sound and video installations, immersing people in an experience that transforms their sensory awareness. These participatory encounters create a moment where a synaptic shift in attitude is possible and new neural connections can be made.



Elizabeth McClancy

Elizabeth McClancy paints the faces of

social crises that are either off the radar

or insufficiently understood.  Her art and 

its exhibition are strategically designed to promote community-enhancing awareness and attitude change.




Michelle Jaffé

Designing a galvanizing exhibition of world-class art to create... 

national moment within which we learn to embrace the presence of  people with disabilities.

Mattie Breaux, one of the 9 Look. At. Me. subjects.  Photo courtesy of East Carolina University DANCability. 2013.